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Jhund Hanuman-Hathni Maata-Dam Sites

Dabhoi finds its reference in one of the astronomical treatise of the sixth century A.D. It enjoyed the glory of being a pilgrim centre. This glory & prominence was due to the shrine of Kali/Kalika of antiquity which can still be traced. Besides the size of the township the other aspect of excellence was the ornamentation of all the entrance gates. The chief gate has been the Hira Gate. The carving on this is wooden in character and the material used was fine grain stone. This and the other marvelous entrances had attracted the attention of visitors during the eighteenth & nineteenth centuries and continue to remain the subject of interest with scholars of Archeology, History and Art History.


Artistically lacquered furniture on teak wood alone, the only one of its kind in the world, is manufactured at Sankheda, by carpenters known as kharadis.