The sanctuary
Glimpse into the tribal culture & lifestyle
Jhund Hanuman-Hathni Maata-Dam Sites
Jhund Hanuman

This is another interesting place to pay a visit to. It boasts of an 18-ft statue of Lord Hanuman (a Hindu deity) believed to have been made during the Mahabharta era.

Hathni Maata
The waterfall at Hathni Maata, hidden amongst the shaded green hills, is a sight to behold. The cave, which houses a temple with a rock shaped like a seated baby elephant is definitely worth a visit.
Dam Sites  
Kada Dam (3 km)
This water body adds to the aesthetic settings and habitat diversity. A place where the sky looks like a painter’s palate. Where if you stand still you can hear the sounds of the wilderness. Enjoy the panaromic view in the middle of no where. A must visit for those who want to indulge in nature.
Wadhwana Lake (25 km)
Attracts innumerable species of indigenous and migratory birds in the winters. A must visit for those interested in Bird Life.
Sukhi Dam (17 km)
Know the earth, feel the breeze, trudge through the rocky terrain and explore for yourself- all of this at the Sukhi Dam, highly recommended for rock climbing and trekking.