The sanctuary
Glimpse into the tribal culture & lifestyle
Jhund Hanuman-Hathni Maata-Dam Sites
Most of the tribals living in & around Jambughoda are Rathwas & Nayaks.
They are superstitious and God-fearing. The entrance to their home is through a richly carved wooden door with figurines and tribal icons. The front is usually decorated with Pithora paintings. The tribals do not live in hamlets. Their dwellings are separated from each other by considerable distance.

Haat is a weekly market place to which the tribals from the surrounding areas bring their hand-made products such as jewellery, earthenware, rudimentary farm implements and farm produce, to sell or barter. Apart from these products, there is very active and noisy haggling over goats, fowls and bullocks. The haat continues till the last rays of the setting sun.

It is a day of general rejoicing, and the entire place wears a festive look. It is also time for the tribals to catch up with one another. They turn up in great numbers in their most colourful attires. While a serious sale deal is being made in one corner, you may see them playing the flute and dancing or singing in another. All these and the fragrance of snacks and meals being cooked add to the mystique charm and attractiveness of the place.

Holi – a must visit
During Holi, a festival of colours in March/April, tribals from more than 100 villages gather at Kanwat, which is 50 km from Jambughoda, for Bhangoria mela. You could even see performers walking barefoot on burning coal and peacock feather dancers in their traditional attires.